Goji berry tops the official “antioxidant” scale


We all know that goji berries have a wealth of vitamins, micronutrients and phytochemicals however few of us know that this powerful super-fruit is also an excellent source of antioxidants as it has the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) among fruits and vegetables. ORAC is the standard test, adopted by the US Department of Agriculture, that measures the potency of antioxidants in food.

The fruit’s numerous phenolic pigments, phytosterols, carotenoids, including beta-carotene (7 mg per 100g of dried fruit) and zeaxanthin (up to 82.4 mg per 100g of dried fruit which makes goji berries one of the richest edible fruit sources known), lutein, lycopene and cryptoxanthin are all associated with antioxidant properties.

To provide a vivid example of how powerful goji berries are, especially in fresh form, receiving the daily ORAC dose from apples, one would need to eat approximately 2,294 grams of apple or more than 20 apples. However, eating just 20 grams of goji berries will cover the daily required ORAC dose.


Table notes:

  1. ORAC is the standard test, adopted by the US Department of Agriculture, to measure the potency of antioxidants in food. The ORAC test provides the free-radical-destroying potential of a given food. It does this by measuring the time an antioxidant takes to react as well as the capacity of antioxidants within the sample food. The measurement is expressed in terms of a 100-gram sample. It has been suggested that humans should consume about 5000 ORAC units a day for maximum benefits.
  2. Suggested Dietary Reference Intake